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Arapahoe Public Library

Renovation & Addition

After conducting a thorough feasibility and grant study for the Arapahoe Public Library, the Wilkins ADP team utilized valuable community input to enhance the project. As a result, the existing library has been expanded to include a dedicated space specifically designed for community gatherings and meetings.

Furthermore, the team initiated a revitalization process for the existing building, incorporating several improvements to elevate the library experience. One notable enhancement is the upgraded reception desk, providing a more welcoming and efficient service to visitors. Additionally, a dedicated children's area has been created, featuring a vibrant and engaging environment that encourages learning and exploration for young readers. Recognizing the importance of catering to adult library-goers, the ADP team also enhanced the adult section. This update provides a comfortable and conducive space for studying, research, and leisurely reading, complete with a variety of resources and amenities to meet the diverse needs and interests of adult patrons.

Location: Arapahoe, NE
Size: 4,600 sf
Year Completed: 2021

Kearney Office
2908 W 39th Street, Suite A
Kearney, NE 68845
Lincoln Office
151 North 8th Street, Suite 340
Lincoln, NE 68508